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Original Document of Surrender by Pakistani Forces in 1971

Here are the copies of the original "Surrender Document" which was signed by Gen. Niazi from Pakistan and Gen. Arora from India.

Gen. Niazi and Gen. Arora while signing the document.

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China's Quake Video

China's quake cause death toll exceeding 50,000 and measured 7.8 on the scale.
See the Amateur Video.

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Unite against the Evils and Avoid using their Products - by Muhammad Ashfaq

Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in several European newspapers have caused outrage among some Muslims. The BBC News website looks at the key questions behind the row.

The 12 cartoons published on 30 September 2005 by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten show the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in a variety of humorous or satirical situations.

The (shit) pictures accompanied an editorial criticising self-censorship after Danish writer Kare Bluitgen (Gustaakh) complained that he was unable to find an illustrator for his children's book about the Prophet.

We Muslims must have to unite against the forces of Evil and being a lover of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The first step towards this is to stop using the products of these Evil countries who are involved in this act. I have collected a list of products as follows :

German Products

Coat © Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGCoat © Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KG

German Fashion

BOSS – this German brand is a byword for out-and-out success. Headquartered in the Swabian town of Metzingen, the company is a world leader on the fashion stage. The Munich-based fashion designer Willi Bogner is also a firm favourite on the international catwalks. The Bogner label stands for the unique combination of sport and fashion and has everything from stylish skiwear to exquisite evening dresses – the perfect outfit for every occasion. Timeless elegance is the hallmark of Jil Sander. This brand, which started out in a Hamburg studio, is now a major success in Berlin, London and New York. Other German fashion labels also enjoy international success. JOOP! with its versatile creativity is a glittering example, while Daniel Hechter and René Lezard also thrill millions of customers with their gorgeous fabrics and elegant cuts. Strenesse is another shining star on the fashion scene. The brand has a startling simplicity and exemplifies what it is that makes all successful German brands stand out: quality and design.



Woman tries shoes on

Germany has a well-deserved reputation for quality footwear. Sioux has been providing a perfect fit for more than 50 years, based on its highly successful Indian moccasin model. Two sports brands from the Dassler Brothers “Shoe Factory” have already achieved Olympic victory: Puma and Adidas.


Necklas and ring ©Wellendorf, Gold Creation GmbH & Co. KG

Creating genuine works of art has been the aim of four generations of the Wellendorff family, and the world-famous “Wellendorff rope necklace” is testimony to its success. The quest for perfection pursued by the Pforzheim-based goldsmith’s workshop produces necklaces with an unparalleled softness and flattering fit around the neck. Attention to detail is also the hallmark of the Wempe by KIM collection by Wempe of Hamburg, the internationally known, family-owned business.


Chronograph ©A.Lange&Söhne GmbH

Watches are born of passion and making perfect watches has been the maxim of the traditional Saxony-based watchmakers A. Lange & Söhne for more than 100 years. No wonder that the company’s timeless precision pieces are regarded as among the best in the world. Another traditional German brand – Glashütte Original – also prides itself on perfection. Collectors of clocks and watches from all over the world adore these works of art. Frankfurt am Main is the home of another important maker: Sinn – with its extraordinary range of quality specialist timepieces.

Eyeglasses and accessories

Woman with eyeglasses ©Rodenstock GmbH

If you have an eye for quality, Rodenstock spectacles are an excellent choice. The name stands for glasses with perfectly customised lenses and frames. Two other German brands, Goldpfeil and Bree, manufacturers of high-fashion, upmarket leather goods, are also worth taking a closer look at. Another multi-award winner is the king of German writing instruments, the fountain pen from Hamburg that goes by the French name of Mont Blanc. The writing implement manufacturer Faber Castell sets great store by design – a successful strategy, as millions of sales will attest.

German Cosmetics

Flacon Eau de Cologne ©Cosmopolitain Cosmetics GmbH

4711 Eau de Cologne
The formula is a good 300 years old and when it was first invented was extolled as a “miracle product”.The cologne, which has remained unchanged to this day, was invented in Cologne’s Glockengasse, number 4711. Around 10 million products incorporating the “Eau de Cologne” are produced here every year and exported to more than 60 countries.

Nivea box ©Beiersdorf AG

“As white as snow” was the skin creme developed in 1911 by Oskar Troplowitz, so he named it “Nivea” after the Latin word for snow. In the 1970s, the brand took off around the world. The blue pot is now synonymous with perfect skincare for millions of people.

Wella Logo ©Wella AG

Hairdresser Franz Ströher laid the foundation stone for this global success story in 1880. 125 years later, Wella is a leading supplier of hair products and fragrances in more than 150 countries. The company produces innovative styling and personal grooming products, making Wella one of the most successful brands in the cosmetics market.

German Glass Products

Champagne glass with packing ©RC Ritzenhoff Cristal AG

More than 280 artists and designers from all over the world design quality glassware for Ritzenhoff. This creativity has made the mouth-blown glass highly sought-after by collectors. “Perfection” is also what Schott Zwiesel aims to deliver. Under its Tritan® brand, the company offers a particularly durablerange of crystal glass.

Porcelain and ceramic

porcelain cups ©Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH

Meissen Porcelain
The town of Meissen has achieved worldwide fame through its porcelain factory. The factory has a workshop which gives demonstrations, special exhibitions and an exhibition hall, allowing visitors from all over the world to learn all about Meissen porcelain, one of the oldest and bestknown brands. The Meissen® Shop sells Meissen porcelain dating from 1710 to the present day.

porcelain cup © KPM Berlin

Royal Porcelain Factory
1763 was the year that the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin was established. Even today, every single item is marked with the royal blue sceptre. When a plate is painted, it is also given a special colour mark and the initials of the individual painter are added. This is what makes them so desirable to connoisseurs of classic porcelain from Berlin.

Wedding table ©Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch
Creativity and inventiveness are the defining characteristics of Villeroy & Boch, a company based in Mettlach on the river Saar, which has enjoyed 250 years of success. The ceramics manufacturer and supplier of lifestyle accessories sets international interior design trends in the living and bathroom markets. Glassware, crockery and accessories by Villeroy & Boch set the standard for sophisticated tableware.

German Toys

Teddy bear ©Margarete Steiff GmbH

Another example of the success of German brands is Steiff. Margarete Steiff made the first teddy bear by hand more than 100 years ago. Over the past century, the bear with his trademark button in the ear has become a favourite of millions of children and collectors. Almost exactly as old as the teddy bear are the dolls of Käthe Kruse. In what may be the oldest German doll-making factory, the dolls are still finished by hand. Another company established in 1873 in Mannheim is Schildkröt. Today, children from every continent play with these German dolls. Märklin also has a very wide fan base. The Märklin name is a byword for quality model railways and a sure-fire way of making children’s eyes light up.

German cars and technology

Mercedes Oldtimer © Mercedes-Benz Museum

VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche are known to almost 100% of motorists Reliability, design and futuristic technology coupled with success on the racetrack are characteristic features of the German car. The highest quality standards and uncompromising design and functionality are also characteristics of BRAUN, primarily a producer of electrical goods and household equipment. The sharp knives of the internationally renowned ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS brand are made in Solingen. WMF and RÖSLE are bywords for quality and innovation in the kitchen and home, while FISSLER stands for quality kitchen utensils.

Denish Products

Food & Beverages

Danish design




Clothes, textile & Shoes



A Consolidated List of Denish Products is available at :

I request the Muslims all over the world to avoid using their products also add more products here if i missed something very important.

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Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Letters - Archive Photos

Photo: Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah - (25 Dec 1976 - 11 Sep 1948)
(Founder of Pakistan)

His Letters: Photo from Archive

May GOD bless us one more Mr. Jinnah for the sake of Pakistan as He gifted us Earlier to get Independence for the Muslims of Subcontinent.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ashfaq's View - Pakistani Election 2008 - A DREAM to get rid of TOXIC REGIME comes True

A general election was held in Pakistan on February 18, 2008, after being postponed from 8 January 2008 , the original date to elect members of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

In the wake of state of emergency declared on 3 November 2007 by Chief of the Army Staff Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's Information Minister Tariq Azeem said that elections are now "on the back burner", with no date set. However, it was later stated they would be held as planned. Musharraf stated on 8 November 2007 that the election would be held by 15 February 2008 He later called for the election date to be on or before 9 January 2008 Even later, he suggested 8 January 2008 as the election date. Following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the Election Commission announced after a meeting in Islamabad that a January 8 vote was no longer possible and the election would take place on 18 February.

Following the election, which as promised by Musharraf is considered the most transparent and fair in the history of the country, President Musharraf conceded the defeat of his party and pledged to work with the new Parliament

Nawaz Sharif has said struggle for the restoration of democracy and Judiciary as enshrined in the charter of PML-N will continue.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said that a meeting in this regard would be held with PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday that aimed at discussing post election scenario.

In an interview with an Indian TV, Shahbaz Sharif said that if opposition would not gain two third majority it means that the voting process is forged.

Despite the blow to President Musharraf, a key U.S. ally, officials here reject the notion the election was a defeat for the Bush administration. They say the United States is ready to work cooperatively with both Mr. Musharaf and the government that emerges from Monday's voting.

Asked about implications for Washington from the Pakistani election, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack quipped that he did not recall seeing the United States on the ballot.

But he said the parties that gained in the election, led by the Pakistan People's Party of slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, all have in one form or another expressed what he termed "an abiding commitment" to combat extremism and terror. He said he hopes that consensus is reflected in the policies of the coalition government that will now take shape:

"What we will urge is that those moderate forces within Pakistani politics, who now have a seat at the table so to speak in winning seats in the parliament, should band together, should work together for a few goals that are in the interest of Pakistan: broaden and deepen Pakistan's economic and political reforms, remain committed to fighting violent extremists and terrorists in the region and on Pakistan soil," he said. "This is in the long-term interests of Pakistan and the Pakistani people."

Ch. Shujaat and Pervez Ilahi say, if This Is Peoples WILL, We accept!

Peoples of Pakistan proved that they dont want TOXIC REGIME of (Q League) and their bloody polocies.

But still one thing left, they still want to GET RID of "MUSHARRAF"



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Dear GOD, Please ORDER Sultan of Bronei to help Needy Muslims

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, GCB GCMG (born July 15, 1946) is the 29th Sultan of Brunei, the eldest son of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III, the previous Sultan of Brunei, and Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit.

He is one of the World's richest persons. He uses his personal jet for his travelling habits which is shown here:

He uses to spend billions of US Dollars to just celebrate his Birth Days.

May Almighty Allah (GOD) change his heart and He may start helping the poor and needy mankind specially MUSLIMS.

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Ashoora Muharrum's importantance in Islam

In the Islamic calendar, 10th day of the month of Muharram is the day of 'Ashoora, a day of mourning for all feeling Muslims. It is the day on which, in the year of 61 Hijri (680 AD), in a place called Karbala, in Iraq, Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam, sacrificed his life and the lives of many of his family members and friends, in order to save the teachings of Islam from utter distortion and destruction.

What led to this tragic event of Karbala?

Even in the lifetime of the Prophet of Islam, there were people whose tongues professed faith in Islam but whose hearts lay elsewhere. These people were called "Munafiqeen" (hypocrites) by the Holy Quran. The reasons that these people joined the ranks of Muslims were manifold, some of which were as follows:

  1. Enmity towards Islam prompted them to sow discord among the Muslims from within, by distorting the Prophet's message wherever and however possible.
  2. Islam was spreading fast and gaining power. They decided to join the winning side and seize whatever worldly gains they could lay their hands on.
The activities of such people gained impetus after the Prophet's passing away, and reached a peak when Muawiya, the son of Abu Sufyan, claimed himself the ruler of Syria.

The hypocrites were now in power and so they mounted a highly organized assault against the very roots of Islam, and they were on the verge of total success. Some of the priorities of the attack were to destroy the awareness of the common Muslims or to destroy their faculty of expression. This was achieved through bribes, through terror and through propagation of ignorance. When these weapons failed in silencing the tongue of a strong Muslim, then that tongue was silenced by death.

By all these means, within half a century after the Prophet's passing away, Islam had been distorted so much that it became totally unrecognizable, so unrecognizable that people knew of the debaucheries of Yazid, son of Muawiya, and still accepted him as a successor of the Prophet and a true leader of the Muslims.

With the advent of Yazid, the vilest of the vile, the mission of destroying the roots of Islam had reached its peak. The right and the wrong had been intermixed so much that it became impossible for a common man to differentiate between them.

This would have been the end of Islam, but for Hussain (Razi Allah Taala Anho, or peace be upon him), grandson of the Prophet (PBUH) and son of Hazrat Ali Karam Allah Waj-hu and Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra (Razi Allah Taala Anha).

What Imam Hussain did was to gather about him in Karbala the exalted members of his family and his hand-picked friends and companions, many of whom had been the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and of Ali (AS) and of Imam Hasan (R A). These people were the very best examples of humanity in that period, or for that matter, in any period in the history of the world. Imam Hussain had virtually gathered the sum total of the strength of Islam to himself. This strength comprised not of physical might, but of moral might. With this strength, he proceeded to resist Yazid.

The fact that he traveled from Madinah toward Kufa with his family (including his infant son Ali Asghar R.A) is a clear indication that it was not his intention to fight for Caliphate and worldly power. No. His aims were higher. He was fighting for the life of Islam.

His sermons, which he delivered in front of his companions during his journey from Madinah to Karbala, clearly indicate that he knew what was going to happen in the next few days. He informed his companions time and again, that he, and those who would accompany him, were going to die. He gave his companions a free and clear choice: death with him, or life away from him. His companions showed that they were fully prepared for the sacrifice of their lives in the company of Imam Hussain (R.A).

The purpose of this sacrifice was:

With his sacrifice, Imam Hussain (R.A) attracted to himself the eyes of all the free-thinking people of his time and of all the time to come. In that time of confusion, when right and wrong had become so intermixed that they had lost distinction, Hussain, in Karbala, irrevocably re-established that distinction, creating a clear, incisive demarkation between right and wrong, and leaving no doubts (for even the most prejudiced of historians) about the fact that the right lay with Hussain, and the wrong lay with those who opposed him. Establishing this fact, Hussain, through his words and actions and the words and actions of his companions, encapsulated all the teachings of Islam within a short span of time, in the field of Karbala, creating a beacon of light for the truth seekers of all times.

It is this event that is marked on the tenth of Muharram every year. It is this event that has made free thinking people of all times love Imam Hussain with a selfless love beyond compare. And it is this love that expresses itself through mourning during the month of Muharram, and particularly on 'Ashoora, the 10th of Muharram, every year. The mourning is a way to remind oneself of Imam Hussain's incomparable sacrifice, a way to thank him, a way to express love for him, and a way to broadcast to the world his message of true freedom.

The people who broke their promises with Hussain (R.A) and remained silent while Yazid was making troubles for the HOLY GRAND SON OF THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) are regret now and beating themselves as shown in pictures.

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Snow Fall in Islamabad, 10 Jan 2008