Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Expo Pakistan 2007 was a gateway to the true commercial and cultural richness of Pakistan. It was an ideal one-stop sourcing event, showcasing the premium and value-priced products of Pakistan. This mega event was being held in Karachi and will act as a global marketplace for interaction. Expo Pakistan brought out the best of Pakistan, it’s alliances in trade, joint ventures an business investments.

This exhibition was fully supported by the Government, private sector and the people of Pakistan. Expo Pakistan 2007 is recognized by the government of Pakistan as an important feature of its trade policy.

Expo 2007 was being held at the highly acclaimed Karachi Expo Center, following on from the trend of the past two exhibitions. The expo centre is spread over 230,000sq. meters and is equipped with modern facilities of international standards. The show was scheduled to be held from the 29th of march to the 1st of April, 2007.
Exhibitors were divided into product and service groups, as follows:

High Tech Products: [Super Technologies Inc. participated in it being a member of PSEB]
Including IT and services, Engineering good, Automobile parts, etc

Health Care Products:
Including Surgical goods, cutlery, chemical, Pharmaceutical and hospital Goods

Food Products:
Including Fruits & Processed Food, Rice, Wheat, etc.

Home D├ęcor Products:
Including Furniture, Carpets, Handicrafts, Home Textile, etc

Fashion Products:
Including Fashion Garments, Knitwear, Woven Garments, Leather Products, etc

The Author (at Right) with an office collegue Muneeb Iqbal at 'Expo Pakistan'.
I participated in this mega event being a part of Super Technologies Inc.
Super Technologies, with offices in USA, China and Pakistan, serves 30,000+ global customer / end users and 4000+ wholesale providers, incorporated in Delaware, USA with corporate headquarters in Beautiful Northwest Florida area of Pensacola, FL. Started in 1999 with one product Super Phone, Super Technologies Inc. now has multiple IP telecommunication products ranging from end users, companies and to wholesale telecom companies.

Super Technologies, Inc. is an Elite Member of the Pensacola Symphony Guild, Chairs the IT gulfcoast Group, AFCEA, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, P@SHA and PSEB.

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